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Fun, Affordable Ebikes

Here at Cathode Ebikes we do things a little different. When you buy a Cathode you are getting a hand built electric bike using quality components sourced from trusted UK suppliers. As such, every bike that leaves our premises is professionally assembled, fully adjusted and quality checked to ensure 100% satisfaction from your first ride. All bikes come with a 6 month warranty and unlimited aftersales support should you have an issue or just need a little advice. Do not confuse the service we provide with other generic sellers who just want to flip unknown bikes for a quick profit.
So why not give us a go? Our 100% feedback shows we are a reputable brand who will not leave you disappointed.
Also ask about our custom service. From hydraulic brakes and panier racks to frame colours and sizes, we have the expertise and resources to tailor a bike to your exact requirements. Get in touch today to chat about Ebikes!

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